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Why Won’t Dental Direct Mail Just Go Away?

Here at MVP, we are experts at driving new patients to dental offices through direct mail postcards. We have mailed and tracked millions of postcards, working with hundreds of dental offices across the country and we would like the opportunity to work with you!

Whether you’ve done direct mail for years, or if you’ve never tried mailing to promote your practice, we would like the opportunity to discuss our programs with you over a 15-minute online demo. You have nothing to lose! 

Here are a few reasons why offices love our program:

  1. We have created the best dental direct mail postcard program in the industry! 

All inclusive, start to finish, easy and fast for you.

  1. We can save your office money!
    On average you will save $200-$600 per mailing with us. That is thousands over a year of mailings.
  2. We get better results and more new patients!
    What would an extra 12-24 new patients a month mean to your practice? We don’t guess what works, we know because we have mailed millions of postcards for dentists and know the best size, designs, homes to target, and day of the week to hit homes, etc.
  3. We are specialists in the dental industry!
    We ONLY work with dentists, all day, every day and ONLY do direct mail postcards. We have done lots of different types of marketing but direct mail has the lowest risk so that is what we specialize in. 96% of our offices at least double their investment!!!
  4. We track all your results and they are viewable 24/7 in our mobile app dashboard.
    Never guess how well your mailings are doing, know when, where, and how you got new patients!


Did you know? *70% of “New Movers” need a dentist, and *83%* use the first vendor to contact them.

We have a New Mover Only program that would be ideal for your practice, which is very inexpensive ($299) 

Give us 15-minutes to show you how and what we do and we  promise that you won’t regret it. You have nothing to lose by seeing how we can improve your current direct mail program and save you money. We are MVP Mailhouse and we are EXPERTS that ONLY do direct mail and we ONLY work with dentists!

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Get FREE dental marketing pro tips and updates on the latest news, offers, and promos.

Exclusive offers for new customers!

We are so confident you will love our MVP direct mail program that we will get you started for FREE! Our team will do a FREE postcard design that will show you WHAT you should mail and our FREE Heat Map and Target Area analysis will show you WHERE to mail.

If you like our expertise and strategy through the process you can sign up and we will execute your campaign and start driving new patients to your office!