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We deliver the best dental
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Our Mission

MVP Mailhouse creates sustainable and predictable patient growth through a science-based, results-oriented approach to direct mail marketing. Using our elite experience, we leverage the existing strengths and best attributes of each dental practice and apply our winning formula to them to make sure they stand out. We have the power to transform seemingly ordinary new, existing and transitional practices into MVPs. (Most Valuable Practice)

About Us

Hi I’m Aaron,

First thing you should know about me is I love life, and I love people! I’m fascinated by the uniqueness and beauty of the world, its people, and its diversity. I live to experience adventures with my wife and our four children both domestic and international!

People who know me say I’m focused, honest, responsible and dedicated. I’m grateful to have been raised with a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed, and I work hard every day to pass the same onto my own kids. My energy and excitement in life comes from witnessing continual improvement and accomplishing personal and team goals.

My two core beliefs are:

  • Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  • If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Like many of you dentists, who took the “leap of faith” in opening your own practice, I also took that leap in creating my own business, MVP Mailhouse. My business partner and I believed that, if we built the best product in the industry, dentists would want it! So that’s what we did!

I personally invite you to partner with us at MVP Mailhouse to experience the difference of what a winning and experienced team can make in growing your practice! MVP stands for “Most Valuable Practice.” I’m confident we have the best combination of value, experience, technology, and programs in the industry. We can achieve impressive growth results together!

Let’s score touchdowns for your practice and make you the MVP!

Aaron grew up milking goats on his family’s farm, has played pro football, organized large-scale global humanitarian projects, and is now pioneering analytics-based dental direct mail. He has one of the most diverse and unique backgrounds around!

Recognized as a dental marketing expert, and sharing his years of experience with others, Aaron has added tens of thousands of patients to thousands of dental practices across the country! Direct dental mailing became his specialty as he tracked and analyzed millions of postcards. Recognizing trends and studying results, he knows the absolute best processes and variables to predict success.

In addition to his work experience, it’s most likely what you don’t know about Aaron that makes him so unique, passionate, and driven about what he does…

Aaron is one of a family of ten children and moved to a small town of 500 people at 15. He worked a gas station graveyard shift during his high school years, as the student body president, playing three sports. He next spent two years in Peru as a missionary and became fluent in Spanish. Upon returning, he walked on to a junior college’s football team as a quarterback. A year later, Aaron was the #1 wide receiver in the country and selected to the All-America team.

Earning the nickname “Mr Touchdown” at the University of Kentucky, he co-led the SEC, the nation’s top college conference, in touchdowns. Aaron played professional football for nine years in the NFL, for the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and Carolina Panthers. Then, in the NFL-Europe, for the Berlin Thunder. He finished in the AFL with the Philadelphia Soul (owned by Bon Jovi), Kansas City Brigade and the Utah Blaze. Aaron’s rewarding success in athletics was due to his extreme discipline, persistence, and work ethic.

One of Aaron’s take-aways from his pro career was his focus on stats to measure and improve his performance, at every level, in every venture. As a player, he learned to leverage practice and game analytics to consistently improve his performance, year after year. When Aaron finally retired from football and, in his words, “got a real job” in dental marketing, he soon realized that most offices were not tracking any marketing results. He immediately recognized the missed opportunity and started re-directing efforts.

In the process, Aaron was influential in devising and refining systems that were the first of their kind to track, monitor, and record results from each and every mailing campaign. Through innovation, drive and leadership, he rose from an entry level sales guy, to become president of 123 Postcards, aka DentalMarketing.net, and oversaw unprecedented growth during his tenure. He is established as a thought leader in the industry and now travels the country teaching dentists how to use marketing analytics to maximize returns on their direct mail investments.

Aaron realized his dream of owning his own business in May of 2018. After dedicating the past two years to R&D, pulling all of his work successes together with life lessons learned, sharpening the edge on his product, MVP Mailhouse’s doors were opened!

Hi! I’m Mark!

The first thing you should know about me is that I love people.

I have two core beliefs:

  • All people deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.
  • We can do great things when we work together.

I’m a team guy. I’ve always loved being on teams and working towards a common goal. At MVP Mailhouse, we make great products, but our secret is our people.

When you work with MVP Mailhouse, we join your team and work to make your business successful. I promise that you’ll be able to feel and see the difference.

Mark was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, and he considers it a great place to be from. He’s always been a fan of both the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers, and he’s excited that the Bucks and Brewers are showing signs of life.

Mark loves to help local businesses grow, and his education and experience have made him an expert in related fields of marketing, communications, data, and analytics.

Most small businesses don’t have the resources to make the best use of available technology and data to make better decisions. Mark has lead several teams that have built products designed to make it easier for local businesses to succeed by implementing best practices.

Initially, Mark’s career focused on digital products like websites, online marketing, and analytics building platforms that efficiently delivered thousands of hand-crafted websites. Over time, he noticed consumer trends towards convenience and started integrating messaging systems for things ranging from lead intake to reminders and deal redemption.

Mark joined 123 Postcards (aka DentalMarketing.net) as Chief Technology Officer in 2012 and built their technology and analytics platform from the ground up. Mark focused on integrating performance data to understand exactly what drives direct mail success, both in terms of mailing strategy and also office staff performance. The products and systems Mark developed helped thousands of dental offices optimize their marketing performance and grow their practices.

Mark spent a couple of years working with Fortune 500 companies as a part of Domo’s product team. Most recently, Mark was a product leader at Podium, specializing in online reputation and customer communication. His work there helped bring SMS-based webchat to market, improved Podium’s enterprise-grade analytics, and contributed to launching a new messaging-focused mobile app.

At MVP Mailhouse, Mark is using his experience in marketing data and analytics to bring digital strategies like re-targeting and look-alike audiences to direct mail.

Mark studied entrepreneurship at BYU and earned an MS Information Systems from the University of Utah

Mark feels most at home in the mountains. He moved to Heber, UT in 2012 with his wife, Stefanie, and their four children. He’s an avid sports fan and loves to ski. Mark is probably most well-known for always dressing warmly, even in the summer, or for his award-winning Seven Pepper Pork Chili.