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We ranked the best performing dental offers of 2020.

Dental offers are the main course of any direct mail marketing. It is one of the things that catches attention in a direct mail postcard, simply because these offers are designed to be seen right away. People get excited when they come across discounts, freebies, and other great offers. It is one of the many reasons why anyone would call your practice after seeing the postcard. Having a good set of offers on your postcards is one of the keys to have a successful conversion rate on your direct mail marketing campaign. However, more often than not, these advertised offers are neglected and overlooked.

It’s time to change that mindset this year. Wow your new patients with offers that they can’t resist. Here are some examples that effectively bring in new patients:

  1. Free or Discounted Exams, X-Rays, and Cleaning

Why it works:  If you add up the cost of each treatment included in this offer it will result in a great discount for your new patients.

  1. Free Teeth Whitening for Life

Why it works: This offer will keep your new patients coming back for more. You will most likely earn their loyalty to your practice. 

  1. Free Consultation or Second Opinion

Why it works:  It will provide you a good starting point to know your new patients, and have them actually visit your practice. You may, initially, not get any profit out of this, but it is a good opportunity for you to build rapport and establish trust in your new patients. Plus it gives you the opportunity to win patients who already have a provider.

Bonus Pro Tips!

  1. Highlight the offers well! Make them visible and easy to read! These should be on the front and back of your postcard. One mistake in direct mail is not giving a fair amount of emphasis on the offers. All the other elements are important, no doubt about that, but your offers should not be overshadowed by other elements. Let them stand out in a good way.
  1. Make sure they are clear and will not cause any confusion or misinterpretation. Keep your staff well informed about the offers so they can provide the right information and give precise answers when new patients call in and inquire about your offers.
  1. Play to your strengths, offer discounts on treatments that your practice is best at. 
  1. If you are offering discounts or FREE services/kits, include the actual value so your new patients will better understand the value of those perks, and push them to make that call for an appointment or two. 
  1. 2-3 offers are good numbers to include in your postcard. This will allow you to appeal to a broader range of potential patients. However, you still want room for other info and imagery on your design.
  1. If you decide to go with just one offer, make sure it’s a compelling one or an offer that has been popular with a lot of your previous patients.
  1. Study your competition. Know what your peers are offering, and come up with offers that they don’t have. If possible, you may offer a bigger discount than what they have.

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