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Study Reveals That Direct Mail Marketing Is Extremely Effective In Attracting New Patients

The most successful marketing campaigns include pieces of both physical and digital advertisements but many businesses only focus on online marketing. That is unfortunate as physical ads like direct mail marketing are extremely effective in attracting new patients and driving sales.  

A two-part study from 2015 and 2019 revealed that direct mail outperforms online ads in eight out of nine categories. While digital ads were quicker to grab consumer attention, direct mail marketing held consumer attention longer, generated stronger emotions, and had a bigger impact on consumer purchase decisions.

The first study, conducted by the U.S. Postal Service Office and Temple University, analyzed the power of print and digital advertisements, and how different generations react to them. 40 email ads and direct mail ads were sent to study participants and their reactions were evaluated based on the following tracking methods:

  1. Eye tracking measured visual attention
  2. Core biometrics (fingertip sensors) measured  the depth of emotional engagement
  3. MRI scans uncovered deep brain activity

The neuromarketing research revealed that physical ads like direct mail have a significant effect on consumer decision-making.The following neurophysiological factors were evaluated:

What Neurophysiological Factors Did The Ads Affect?  
FactorDefinitionMost Effective Ad Format
AttentionFocusing on key components of an ad for a sustained period of time Digital
Review TimeThe amount of time a customer spends with an ad Print
EngagementThe amount of information a customer processes or absorbs from an adDigital & Print
StimulationAn emotional reaction to an adPrint
Memory Retrieval AccuracyAccurately remembering the advertising source and content Digital & Print
Memory Speed & ConfidenceQuickly and confidently remembering advertising sources and contentPrint
Purchase & Willingness to PayWhether the patient is willing to pay for the service and how muchDigital & Print
Desirability A subconscious desire for the product or servicePrint
ValuationThe subconscious value a participant places on the product or servicePrint

The original study proved that physical advertisements have more influence than digital ads in several ways. Not only did participants spend more time with physical ads, they also remembered them more quickly and confidently. Physical ads also evoked a stronger emotional response than their digital counterparts and, overall, had a longer-lasting impact. Looking at brain activity, researchers discovered that participants showed a greater subconscious valuation and desire for products or services advertised in a physical format.

This means that physical ads are particularly effective in two stages of the consumer journey: exposure to information and retrieval of information. Out of all categories evaluated, the only category in which digital ads outperformed physical was quicker attention. Even though participants showed more attention to digital ads, they gained the same amount of information from both types of advertisements.

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The most successful marketing campaigns include both physical and digital advertisements. To engage an audience effectively, use a multichannel approach and leverage various marketing mediums, such as direct mail, google ads, and social media. Direct mail reinforces your online marketing efforts and helps convey one cohesive message to prospective patients, increases your chances of converting ad recipients to new patients, and drives profit.

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