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Marketing Your Dental Practice During Covid-19

During these uncertain times, dental practices have had to make a decision between waiting out the pandemic and various lockdown restrictions, or continuing to reach out to patients. It may seem counterintuitive to invest in marketing right now and many dental practices do not believe in the value of advertising at this time. Instead, they prefer to wait out the unpredictability of the pandemic. Unfortunately, they risk losing existing patients and miss out on potential new patient growth. What they don’t realize is that…

  • …People are online more than ever before! Due to changes in consumer behavior caused by the pandemic, people spend more time online than ever before – both for work and personally. This makes it very easy to reach potential patients through various online channels. But as pandemic restrictions are easing, many are also ready to step out and get the dental treatments they need and weren’t able to get during the height of the pandemic.
  • …Communication is key! Practices who do not communicate at this time lose the attention of patients and long-term top-of-mind recognition. Patients still want to hear from health officials like you. By continuing to market your practice, you reassure patients that you are available to them for any dental health needs, even during the challenges of the pandemic. You can engage with your patients by sharing useful information such as oral healthcare tips at home, and you can even introduce new offers to entice patients back to your practice. Regular communication ensures that your brand awareness is preserved.
  • …There’s less competition & advertising costs  are lower! Because many dental practices are currently not communicating with their patients, you are up against less competition. This allows you to reach more people and get more attention from potential new and already existing patients. Since the marketplace is not as competitive, many businesses (including marketing and advertising companies) offer promotions to retain customers. Now is the ideal time to reach patients at a lower cost.

Communicating with your patients during tough times signals that you continue to be there for them and prepare to serve them face-to-face as soon as possible. The more you invest in marketing during tough times, the stronger you will come out of it, and the more growth you will experience as a result.

Communicating With Your Patients

As patients slowly return to dental practices, many practices are facing a backlog of patients needing more extensive treatment due to the postponement of nonurgent procedures during the height of the pandemic. Accommodating this increase of patients may require some preparation on your part. Many people are reluctant to come in for treatments as they are still unsure of their safety in public places. Communication with your patients is key and helps them overcome anxiety and doubt. Here are a few ways to communicate with your patients effectively at this time:  

Add Safety Information to Your Website

If you haven’t already, make sure that you add information about the different ways you are keeping your team and patients safe on the front page of your website. Never before have so many people been online, and they will continue to be. Your website is likely seeing an increase in visitors, so it’s important to keep it updated with timely information. Describing your safety procedures can help put your patients’ minds at ease. Even including basic implementations, such as the wearing of gloves and masks, and the disinfection of common areas, emphasizes how serious you take thorough health and safety protocols.

Direct Mail

A well-rounded marketing campaign should include pieces of both digital and physical ads. Direct mail marketing is a great way to connect with high-intent patients, spread brand awareness, drive prospective patients to take action, and focus your resources where they  are most likely to yield results. If you want to learn more about why direct mail marketing can contribute significant growth to your practice, read our blog post, 10 Reasons Why You Need Direct Mail to Grow Your Dental Practice.

Share Videos From Your Practice

As one of the most effective ways to get an audience to pay attention, video is an excellent way to reach out to your patients. Your videos can address the health protocols you’ve implemented to ensure your patients’ safety in your office. You can also show any new equipment you’ve added to your office and explain what it does and how it helps keep patients safe, as well as do a walk-through of your cleaning procedures. These types of videos can help make your patients feel comfortable and safe to visit your practice. Videos are easily digestible content that can be shared on your social media, through newsletters, and on your website.

Email Patients

Don’t be afraid to over-communicate with your patients. Any type of outreach reinforces your patients’ comfort and confidence in your practice. Emails are a great personal way of reaching out to patients. You can share important updates and information, such as opening hours, health procedures, and send links to the videos you’ve created. Emphasizing the safety protocols you have in place and the additional precautions you take due to the pandemic, helps set their minds at ease.

Virtual Meetings

The internet makes it easy to offer virtual consultations through various online conference apps and many medical professionals have started meeting with patients online. Offering virtual meetings may be the best way for a patient to speak to you before they come in for treatment. You can assure their safety during your initial meeting and explain any questions they might have about your practice health protocols

In Conclusion

Regularly engaging with your patients and communicating your safety protocols is essential to getting them to come back to the office. While not all patients are hesitant to come into your practice, reaching out adds a level of comfort that all patients can appreciate. Consistent outreach also helps maintain your brand presence.

If you’re curious about how to adjust your practice marketing according to the times, feel free to reach out to MVP Mailhouse for a free consultation and we’d be pleased to help!

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