Digital marketing and direct mail marketing are two very distinct strategies for marketing your business and communicating to potential customers to know of your services. The fact is, both can work very well when implemented correctly for the right business with the right demographics.


The question we will discuss in this article is not which works best but instead which one do your customers and potential customers prefer to receive


It obviously would depend on the individual person but there are some trends that we have identified and general rules of thumb to help. Our advice is to understand the data and as the saying goes  “play to the percentages” based on your business and product. Next,  market that product or service via the method with the highest percentage of success!


For example, if you’re selling a product that consumers can buy quickly and easily, lower cost and little to know explanation needed then online marketing is the best option. 


On the other hand, if you’re selling a service or product that involves a longer decision-making process, explanation, and higher value/cost then direct mail marketing can be the best option. 


Check out this graph below based on consumer surveys to see exactly how your customers want to be contacted and then make effective decisions from there.

Why Do Customers Still Respond Best To Direct Mail Marketing?

Even in the digital age, direct mail marketing is still a powerful and effective marketing strategy. According to Marketreach, Direct mail had an average engagement rate of 95%, and the recipients interacted with it at least four times at home in 2021. 


Despite the rampant growth of digital ads, direct mail has proven to still stand out in mailboxes and get great responses. The other benefit of direct mail is that it is a proactive way to market your business where you go find these potential customers, instead of waiting for them to find you online where there is so much competition.


Here are the top 5 reasons why:


1. Tangibility: The tactile nature of direct mail marketing means you can create something that stands out and builds a personal connection with your audience.


2. Better Targeting:  With direct mail marketing, you can target prospects more precisely than with digital ads right down to exact homes or best neighborhoods. 


3. Better Designs:   Graphic designers have a more comprehensive array of creative options to work with when it comes to direct mail marketing. A postcard also had more space then a small digital ad to better introduce your business. A simple QR code can easily get them to your website if they want more information.


4. Better Tracking:   With MVP Mailhouse’s (LINK) help, you can measure the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaigns more quickly than digital ads. You also get calls and customers the day they hit homes instead of waiting. 


5. Increased Recall: The physical presence of direct mail marketing pieces makes them hard to forget. People hold on to a well designed postcard if it resonates and will still call months down the road when the timing is better. 


Get The Best ROI with Direct Mail Marketing


According to 2023 The State of Direct Mail, a study by Lob and Comperemedia, 74% of marketers agree that direct mail delivers the best ROI, response rate, and conversion rates of all channels. 


In addition,  most firms polled used a combination of email and direct mail — by a wide margin over other channels. They utilize: 


Email — 72%

Paid Social — 46% 

National TV — 34% 

Newspaper & Magazine — 31% 

Podcast — 25% 

Organic Social — 21% 

Earned Social — 19%

None—it is used as a stand-alone tactic.  


MVP Direct Mail


MVP has combined a proven marketing medium in direct mail with the power and ease of modern technology. Our direct mail service saves you time, money, and resources while delivering impressive ROI.


MVP Mailhouse offers proprietary software and technology that has revolutionized direct mail. Our cutting-edge solutions make it turn-key and easy, requiring little time to set up and track your direct mail campaign.


Better Targeting with Map IQ


Map IQ™️, MVP’s proprietary mapping software, identifies the best homes to target with your direct mail. Map IQ uses your existing customer data and that of other offices in similar demographics to identify your hottest neighborhoods, highest new mover areas, geographical barriers of entry, etc.


This data-driven approach allows you to identify potential new customers and target them more accurately with your direct mail campaigns.

Better Designs with DesignLab

Our team helps you create a custom design by leveraging your office’s strengths with proven concepts. Through tracking the results of thousands of designs and offers, we know what offers and messaging work to attract new customers for you. 


Create a postcard that reflects your brand, showcases your top offers, and resonates with your target audience; with MVP and DesignLab.

Better Tracking with CallPro Dashboard

Call Pro, MVP’s call tracking software, records and monitors every phone call your business receives from your mailings. Those recordings are then reviewed and scored by our MVP Call Quality Analyst team within minutes for outcome and receptionist/front desk performance score. Results and recordings are available 24/7 in our MVP Dashboard. 

By understanding good and sometimes bad trends, Call Pro offers training tips and advice to help your team improve how they handle incoming calls and set more appointments. On top of that,  your staff gets instant alerts for missed calls and follow up opportunities for unscheduled appointments.

Wrapping It Up

Direct mail remains one of the most effective marketing channels available, and with MVP’s help, you can take your direct mail to the next level. 


Our proprietary Map IQ software, combined with our team of designers and marketers, and our advanced system for call tracking make it easy to create targeted campaigns that are designed to attract more leads and bring more revenue to your business.  


We hope this helps give you an understanding of the power and potential of direct mail. 


Try it out and see the great results you can achieve! Schedule a demo today.  Happy mailing!

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