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6 Reasons Q1 is the Best Time to Invest in Growing Your Dental Practice!

Did you know that January, February, and March are the top responding consecutive months of the entire year for new patients through direct mail? It’s true! MVP Mailhouse’s team has mailed and tracked over 100 million dental postcards across the country. 

If you’re looking for a surefire way to start the new year off with a bang of new patients, direct mail marketing should be at the top of your list!

Here's 6 reasons why direct mail marketing works so well in Q1:

1. Insurance benefits are now renewed and people are free to choose. Others may just be getting first-time insurance coverage looking for a dentist too! 

2. New Year’s resolutions are being made, and people are making healthier decisions. Ready to finally get the big work done and the smile they have always wanted!

3. Holiday chaos is packed away, and the kids are back to a schedule and in school. Proactive Mom’s are getting families scheduled!

4. With renewed benefits, people are more likely to switch from a dentist they are unhappy with or one close to home.

5. Fee for service folks have financially recovered from the holidays and have a paycheck or two under their belts.

6. Tax return dollars are coming; more and more people file online so they get their returns much earlier than April. Don’t wait or refunds might be spent by April. 🙂 

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Bottom Line: 
If people don’t know about your office they are NOT GOING TO CHOOSE YOU! Direct mail marketing is a tried-and-true way to get ahead of the competition and proactively let homes know about you before your competition does!

Book your free demo and custom proposal today to take advantage of the BEST time of the year to mail and kickstart your 2023!

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