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December Print Schedule.

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Design Approval Deadline In-Homes Delivery
November 13th
November 30th
November 20th
December 7th
November 30th
December 14th

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Front Desk

MVP Pro Tip of the Month!

Hold time, Nobody likes it!

Working the front desk at a dental office can be difficult, challenging, and tricky at times, but also very rewarding. We understand that managing New Patients’ incoming calls, on top of assisting patients in-office, and a host of other duties at the front desk is not always easy. But it’s the role of the front desk.

Nobody likes calling a business and being put on hold, however, we ALL realize sometimes it is necessary. Typically, it is to gather additional information, manage another call, or assist another patient. Sometimes we just need a little time and that is okay. It is how you ask for the needed time that is key. Here are some MVP FRONT DESK PRO TIPS to help:


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Pawlus Dental

End 2020 Strong!

Get More New Patients

with a FREE Heat Map Analysis!

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