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MVP Mail

See rapid new patient growth with little risk and predictable results.

STARTING AT ONLY $0.394/postcard

Get New Patients, Grow Your Practice!

Mail at scale to the homes of Look-alike Audiences that match your current patient profile. Leverage our success and expertise from mailing millions of postcards and see how our scientific approach to design and targeting will maximize ALL the results of your direct mail campaign.

Why Do Direct Mail with MVP Mailhouse?

  • 96% success rate.
  • Intelligent targeting for look-alike audiences.
  • Measurable results with dashboard and mobile app.

Thousands of households all around your practice need a dentist.

Why not you?

How MVP Mail Works


Understand your Patient Profile

We analyze your current patient demographics to identify key characteristics that will help us better target households who match that profile.


Identify a Look-alike Audience

Our proprietary mapping software helps us target the best new movers and neighborhoods with the highest geographic and demographic overlap to your patient profile.


Production and Delivery

We make sure your postcards are properly printed, addressed, and delivered with necessary postage on time and on schedule to maximize your results.


Measurable Results

Our mobile app and dashboard give you complete transparency into the performance of your campaign through real-time analytics, notifications, call tracking and scoring.

Proven, Predictable Results More intelligent targeting and data-driven design.

MVP Mail Pricing

Quantity Rookie Package Pro Package MVP Package
5,000 pcs .449 .444 SAVE $150 .434 SAVE $900
10,000 pcs .429 .424 SAVE $300 .414 SAVE $1,800
15,000 pcs .419 .414 SAVE $450 .404 SAVE $2,700
20,000 pcs .409 .404 SAVE $600 .394 SAVE $3,600

What’s Included?

Inclusions Rookie Package Pro Package MVP Package
Custom Design
Mailing List
Call Tracking
Call Recording
Mobile App
Staff Tips

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