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1. FREE Map IQ Patient Heatmap Analysis and Direct Mail Proposal.
2. FREE 500 Referral Handout Cards ($500 Value).
3. $500 OFF your intro campaigin of 10k cards.

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1. FREEMap IQ Patient Heatmap Analysis
and Direct Mail Proposal

Maximize your direct mail results by leveraging MVP’s proprietary technology, Map IQ. This mapping technology visually maps out your current patients homes and then geo-targets the best look-alike audiences by identifying the hottest neighborhoods most similar to your current patients.

MVP will design, with your approved artwork, print and mail 500 4″x6″ cards to your office. Perfect for handing out to current patients, schools, businesses, local events, etc., these cards are customized to introduce new traffic to your business. A free tracking number is included so you’ll know who’s interested.

Delivering Wow Facebook Group members shall also receive a one-time upfront discount on their first mailing with an intro order of three mailings.

$100 OFF 5,000 per mailing quantity
$200 OFF 10,000 per mailing quantity
$300 OFF 15,000 per mailing quantity

MVP works ONLY with dentists and ONLY does direct mail to drive new patients to your office. Target the right homes, with the right message, at the right time. Using MVP’s dashboard tracking and results analysis of each and every new patient call, you’ll never have to guess what works! With MVP, you can leverage the experience, analytics and results of millions of mailings to put your office in the best position to succeed.

Alyssa Keefer

Dental Marketing Consultant

As the Director of Marketing for a growing group, I could not be more thrilled with the service at MVP Mailhouse! We’ve been using MVP for almost a year with our 6 offices doing monthly direct mailings. As a data-driven marketer I am in love with the analytics. The call tracking and scoring have been a game-changer because we’re able to catch missed opportunities almost immediately! We have used two companies prior to this for direct mail over the last 5 years we have been open, and MVP has blown them out of the water on price and service, with all of the additional features included too, at roughly the same cost, if not less.

Dr. Daniel Hostrander

Horizon Dental

MVP Mailhouse has been one of the best marketing decisions we have made as an office. For the first few months of opening, we were using another mailer company and were getting okay results, but there was no accountability, limited communication, and no follow-up. Since switching to MVP, our new patient numbers have taken off from the postcards! Every single day we are getting new patients walking into our office citing the mailers as how they found us. It’s worth noting that we are in a suburb of a major city with 4 dentists on the same intersection also running mailers – clearly, MVP has a magic touch. The customer service at MVP is top-notch too. The team listens to our calls, gives us feedback, pinpoints exactly what areas to hit and why, targets focused future mailers, and gets back to you on any changes or suggestions within 24 hours. If you’re going to do mailers, make sure you do it right – go with MVP.

Dr. Megan Dinh

Embrace Dental

They are AWESOME! Everyone has brought on a great experience and they are super professional. The whole process is super easy and efficient. We had a great grand opening and with the help of MVP, we are well on our way to becoming a profitable dental office. I can’t wait to have our next mailer come out and see our office grow. I couldn’t be happier with their service. Any hesitant dentist that is worried! DON’T BE! You will be more than Satisfied!

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Delivering Wow Facebook Group
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1FREE Map IQ Patient Heatmap Analysis
and Direct Mail Proposal


+ FREE 500

Referral Handout Cards ($500 Value)


+ $200 OFF

Your First Mailing! (on 10k order)