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5 Tips for Making a Good Impression on the Phone

Sending dental direct mail does not stop at having your postcards delivered at the homes of your potential new patients, it is actually just the start. The effectiveness of the dental postcards relies largely on how the calls are handled by your team. Most potential new patients are calling not just because they have dental needs, but for a good experience too. Here are some tips on how to deliver that good experience and have more new patients and make the most out of your dental direct mail program.

  • Practice using an upbeat tone.
    The design on your dental postcard is designed to make a good and positive impression of your dental practice. Potential new patients probably have that expectation before calling. They are expecting that they will have a good and positive experience from you based on what they saw on the postcard. Translate that into the way you handle the calls. The way you sound matters. Make sure that before you pick up the phone you have set your mind that you will use an upbeat and welcoming tone. The caller will immediately feel good the moment they hear your positive tone. Another tip is to clear your mind of anything that worries you for the moment.
  • Clearly state the name of the practice and your name.
    Prepare a good script or talk track to welcome every caller, make sure you clearly state the name of your dental practice. As these callers are looking at the dental postcard that they received, this will verify that they called the right number. If your dental practice has a long and complicated spelling make sure to speak slowly and clearly. So they can follow and listen as they look at the direct mail they have in their hand during the call.
  • Ask for the caller’s name and use the caller’s name during the call.
    Ask the caller’s name right after introducing yourself and your practice’s name. Remember the name, write it down if needed. Sound as if you know them already. Address them by their name all throughout the call duration. By doing this, you make them feel comfortable and part of your family. Treat the person calling as if they are already one of your loyal patients.
  • Build rapport, be friendly, attentive, appreciative, and engaged during the call.
    Callers are not created equal. Some are fun and very engaging, while others are hard to connect with and dull at times. As a call handler, you must treat all callers with equal importance. Each caller can be your next patient, and even better, could be your long-term patient. Show interest in what they have to share. Express empathy if the caller is in pain or in an emergency situation. Don’t make the call last longer if the conversation is not relevant anymore. Remember your main objective is to convert them into patients and get them to set an appointment. Divert the conversation to the offers that are in your dental postcard. Make sure to have a copy nearby for reference.
  • Thank the caller for calling.
    Express gratitude, no matter how the call turned out. Even if the caller did not set any appointments, or just inquired. This part is your last chance to make them remember your practice. Leave a good impression and be the first dental practice they will call in the future when their need for a dental practice arises again.

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